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Our goal at CNY Family Care, LLP is to provide you with a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). The goal of the PCMH is to provide each patient with continuous and comprehensive care. In this PCMH care model, each patient is asked to maintain an ongoing relationship with one Primary Care Physician within our practice.

Even though you may not be ill, our practice will sometimes contact you about receiving age related or condition appropriate testing. Also, you might come in for an acute problem (cold, fever, etc.) and the provider might encourage you to have other tests performed based on your condition or age. A return visit to our office may be needed for these other recommended tests. 

These are some of the tests/procedures that we routinely offer within our practice:

  • Minor Surgery (Mole Removal, Laceration Repair, etc.)
  • Colposcopy
  • X-Ray
  • Vasectomy
  • Circumcision
  • Full Service Laboratory
  • EKG and Echocardiogram
  • EMG Studies
  • Holter Monitor
  • Cartoid Dopplers only
  • Diabetic Education/Nutritional Counseling
  • Pediatric Care
  • Immunizations
  • Routine Gynecological Care
  • Psychological Healthcare Services

If you have a questions regarding any of the procedures listed above, please consult with your physician.

We currently utilize an automated phone system (Talksoft) to perform reminder calls for some of our patient appointments. This is typically done 2 days in advance of the scheduled appointments. If you cancel your appointment, someone from our office will call you to confirm the cancellation, as well as give you an opportunity to reschedule the appointment for another day/time.

Please be sure to bring all of your prescriptions bottles with you to your scheduled appointment. This will assist us with your refills as well as verifying you medications. Also, please make note of the following:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to call for a refill! Please allow us 72 hours to fulfill your request. This also allows the physician to review your records to be sure that things are okay.
  • We do not respond to refill requests from pharmacies. Please do not have your pharmacy call or fax in a refill request for you as they will not be accepted. You must call our office or send a message via the Patient Portal to to request a prescription refill.
  • Please request refills at the time of your office visit. 
  • Prescribed controlled substances will only be sent directly to a patient’s pharmacy. Controlled substance will require a patient to sign a consent form and also have had at least one urine drug screening performed annually.If you are requesting a controlled substance to be refilled, it may not be ready until the end of the day. Please give at least 24 to 48 hours before calling us to check on the status of your request.
  • Please be sure that we have the most current information about which pharmacy you are using for your prescriptions. Please provide us with the pharmacy phone number to enter into your medical chart.
  • Weekends and evenings are not an ideal time to call in prescription refills. We request that you please call during the week, daytime preferable before 5pm.
  • ELECTRONIC PRESCRIBING = As of March 27, 2016,  NYS Public Health Las requires all providers to electronically prescribe all patient prescription medications DIRECTLY TO THE PATIENT’S PHARMACY.  Prescriptions will no longer be handwritten or called into your pharmacy, except in limited circumstances. Please click on the following link for additional information.     Electronic Prescribing Information

CNY Family Care offers completion of forms as an added service to patients.  It is our policy to collect a fee for these forms since it does require staff time and supplies to complete them accurately.
The steps include the following:

  1. Someone must receive the form and review it.
  2. Someone then reviews the medical record to obtain physician notes and any other information required.
  3. The information must be filled out on the specific form presented.
  4. Office notes must frequently be copied to accompany the form.
  5. Physicians must review and sign for the information presented on the form.
  6. There must be documentation made into the patient record that the forms were received, completed and returned.
  7. The form is made available on the Patient portal or is prepared for the patient to pick up. 
  8. The form must be scanned and entered into electronic medical record.
CNY Family Care charges for the following forms.
  • Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Forms: $20
  • Paid Family Leave (PFL) Forms: $20
  • Disability (DBL) Forms employer or personal: $20
  • Adoption or Foster Care Forms: $20
  • DMV: Disability Form and Driver Exam Report $20
  • Life insurance forms $20
  • Paperwork for patient assistance programs $20
If more than one of the forms is presented at the same time, the charge will be $10 for each additional form. From time to time other forms may be added to this list.
The process is as follows:
  1. Patient comes to the office with form, or form is received electronically by CNY Family Care. 
  2. The patient is provided with CNY Family Care’s policy on completing forms.
  3. The patient agrees to the charges and pays the appropriate amount to the receptionist / business office staff member.
  4. The Form is delivered to the nursing team for review and completion by the physician.
  5. The Form is completed by the team. 
  6. Once the form is completed a portal message is generated to the patient or a phone call is made to the patient indicating that the form is complete and available.

EMERGENCY = These type of visits would include sudden acute pain, lacerations, allergic reactions. You will be seen IMMEDIATELY by a provider in our office unless the provider feels that a hospital ER would be more appropriate (i.e. seizures, chest pain, severe bleeding or trauma). We do accept emergency walk-in patients, but it is best to call the office ahead to inform us of your individual situation.

SICK VISIT = These types of visits includes acute, urgent illness or injuries such as: fever, rash, upper respiratory infection, UTIs, sore throats, etc. In most cases, you will be seen within 24 hours for a sick visit.

FOLLOW-UP = This type of visit would apply to a patient who has a chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. These office visits are typically scheduled at the end of an initial office visit by the nursing staff, either every 3, 4, or 6 months as requested by the individual provider. Some conditions require more frequent monitoring than other conditions.

CPE = A “Comprehensive Physical Exam” visit is a scheduled appointment where our providers take a little bit more time to evaluate a patients overall health condition. The tests and lab-work that would be done at these visits are based on the specific age, gender and individual health condition(s) of each individual patient. The patient would also have an opportunity to discuss any health concerns that they may have with their provider.

PE = A Physical Exam appointment is intended to be a thorough evaluation of an adult’s health (over 18 years of age).  This is primarily done for work, college, insurance or camps.

WCC = Well Child Check is intended to be a thorough age appropriate evaluation of a child’s health. If a child needs any age appropriate vaccinations, they would be given to the patient at this scheduled appointment.

PELVIC/PAP = We follow ACOG’s (American College of Gynecology) recommendations for Pelvis/Paps. Your provider will tell you what is needed for your age group.

SURCL = Pre=operative clearance visits with a PCP (Primary Care Physician) are scheduled to ensure that an individual patient is healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure. These visits are typically required to be done within 30 days of a scheduled surgical procedure. Specific tests like EKG, lab work, chest x-ray and possible cardiac testing would done as part of this office visit. This is only done when the physician who is doing the surgery requires or asks for a surgical clearance to be done.

COMP CASE VISIT= If your injury is related to your job at WORK, we need you to provide us with:

  • Name, Address and telephone number of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier for your employer
  • Date of the accident
  • Workers’ Compensation claim number

AUTO VISIT= If your injury is due to a MOTOR VEHICLE accident, you must provide us with:

  • Name, Address and telephone number of the No-Fault Insurance carrier
  • Name of the insured person
  • No-fault Carrier claim number
*Not all MOTORCYCLE accidents/injuries are covered under AUTO Insurance. Sometimes they are covered by MEDICAL Insurance. Your Auto Carrier should be able to advise you on this issue.

SCHOOL INJURY= IF your injury is SCHOOL related, you must provide us with:

  • Name, Address and telephone number of the school’s insurance carrier
  • Claim number for the injury
  • If your claim is denied by the insurance carrier, you will be responsible for payment of the bil

Confidentiality:  Confidentially in health care means that information about a patient’s treatment would not be disclosed without the patient’s permission. As it relates to minors, confidential health care means that providers may generally not disclose medical record information to anyone, including a parent or guardian, without the patient’s permission.

Who is considered to be a minor? A minor is a person who is under the age of 18.

What is informed consent? Informed consent could be given by a minor if he/she understands the risks, benefits and alternatives of a recommended treatment or procedure. He/she must also understand that they have the option not to move forward with the recommended treatment. Informed consent can be written or verbal and should be noted by the provider in the patient’s medical record.

Who gives informed consent and/or makes health decisions for minors? Decisions related to vaccinations, bloodwork, x-rays, referrals to a specialist outside of our practice and any non-emergent medical treatment would be made by the parent or guardian for a minor until the minor reaches 18 years of age.

In New York State, there are a number of exceptions in which a minor may make his/her own health care decisions:

  • Minors can get birth control without parental consent or notification.
  • Minors can get prescriptions for Emergency Contraception, or the “morning pill” without a parent’s consent or notification.
  • Minors can obtain both testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections without parental consent. (Some infections must be reported to NY State public health officials; however, medical records may not be shared without the patient’s consent).
  • Minors have the right to consent on his/her own to having a HIV test.
  • Parental consent is not required for a minor to receive drug and alcohol counseling. If medication were to be recommended, the provider would have to first determine whether a parent’s knowledge of this recommended treatment would negatively affect the minor patient.
  • A minor who is the victim of a sexual assault/rape may choose or decline to have treatment for any injuries sustained during the assault. This would include medical care as well as evidence collection which might be used later on if charges were to be filed.

A child under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian AT EACH VISIT. In the event that a parent or legal guardian cannot attend a follow-up visit, a letter must be sent with the child assigning permission to the accompanying adult who will then represent the parent or legal guardian at this follow-up office visit. Please remember to send along the child’s insurance card and co-payment with the accompanying adult.


  • Aetna 
  • Aetna Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare
  • Empire BC/BS
  • EBS – Excellus Benefit Services
  • GHI/Emblem
  • Humana – Medicare
  • Medicare
  • Railroad Medicare
  • MVP
  • MVP Gold - Medicare
  • Martins Point
  • Multiplan Network
  • RMSCO - Lifetime Benefit Services
  • Tricare
  • Today’s Options
  • United Health Care (NOT Community Plan)
  • UHC – Medicare Plans
  • Workers’ Comp
  • No-Fault Auto 
We are NOT currently accepting new patients with any Medicaid plan.
We DO NOT participate with any Health Exchange Plans with the exception of Excellus BC/BS.

Once you confirm which insurance plan your employer has offered to you, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the insurance company to confirm that CNY Family Care, LLP is in that network and that we are participating with your employer’s group.

To reach the Billing Office with any questions, please call (315) 463-1600 option #2.

We participate with most insurance plans. However there are too many plans available to our patients which makes it is impossible for our office staff to be familiar with what every plan individually covers. Here are a few key points for you to be aware of with regard to using your insurance plan at our office:

  • Bring your insurance ID to every office visit.
  • Be prepared to pay your co-payment when you CHECK IN for your visit.
  • Please be aware of what your insurance plan does and does not cover. Just because we recommend a service, does not guarantee that your insurance plan will cover it.
  • Please conduct a detailed review of your health insurance coverage before you select it. Anticipate your health care needs for the year as best you can, and then figure out what you will have to pay out of pocket. This will help you make an educated selection and prepare you for costs that you may incur.


Electronic Prescribing Information