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What do I need to bring to my FIRST appointment?
• Photo ID
• Current Insurance Card
• Completed Patient information and medical history forms (can be found on our website under the FORMS tab)
• Bring with you all current medication BOTTLES for medicine(s) that you are taking
• Plans to pay co-payment (if one is required by your insurance company)
• Past medical records and copies of any test results that would be applicable

How should I prepare for my office visit with the Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant?
• Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment (See Discharge Policy as it relates to no show appointments).
• Please come prepared with a detailed list of symptoms, problems or questions that might be new since the last time you were seen.
• Be prepared with a list of prescription REFILLS that you might need for any medications.
Please turn off your cell phone once the nurse takes you back to the patient care area.
Before you leave the exam room, be sure you have gotten all prescription refills taken care of, had all your questions answered by the provider, and made a follow up appointment if one is needed.

What do I do if my prescription(s) runs out before my next office visit?
We routinely recommend that all prescriptions get renewed at scheduled office visits. All established patients can gain access to our Patient Portal from your nurse, and prescription refills can easily be requested through the Patient Portal.

If you call our office for a prescription refill, please be advised that we require 72 hours to process all phone requests for prescription refills.

We do not accept phone calls or fax requests from any pharmacy to renew patient prescriptions. Patients of CNY Family Care are required to contact our office directly for all prescription refills.

How do I make an appointment?
Established patients and New Patients can call our office at (315) 463-1600 to set up an appointment. Typically our provider schedules are available for scheduling 4-6 months in advance, so setting up future appointments is normally available to all of our established patients.

How do I schedule a “School Sport Physical”?
All of our Physicians have appointment slots designated for Physical Exams and Well Child Checks. Due to the volume of patients who are seen at our practice, these designated slots do fill up quickly. It is best to call ahead to schedule any appointments of this nature. As soon as you know that your child needs a School Sport Physical exam, you should call our office and get into your child’s PCP’s schedule.

What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that sometimes things come up suddenly, and we would be happy to reschedule an appointment for you to a more convenient day/time. As a courtesy we request that you provide us with 24 hours of notice for any appointment cancellations.
Please refer to out Discharge Policy as it relates to NO SHOW appointments.

What are your billing requirements?

Refer to the CNY Family Care Financial Policy listed under PATIENT INFO tab on home page.

What should I do if I have a question about my bill?

To ask questions about your bill, please call our main phone number (315) 463-1600 and select option #2. This will connect you to the billing department. If you are an established patient and have access to our Patient Portal, you can also send a message that way and one of the billing staff will respond back to you.

What should I do if CNY Family Care is closed and I need medical care?
If you are experiencing what you believe to be a life threatening medical emergency, please call 9-1-1, or go to the closest Emergency Department.

At CNY Family Care we always have a physician on call for any medical emergencies. Patients can call our main number and speak with a Triage nurse who will contact the On-Call Doctor as needed.

Please always call our office for any non-emergent issues BEFORE going to an Urgent Care clinic or a hospital.

What do I need to do if my provider at CNY Family Care refers me to a specialist?
• It is the patient’s responsibility to check to make sure that the specialist’s services are covered on his/her insurance plan.
• Always bring a Photo ID to your scheduled appointment. • Our referrals staff will communicate with the specialist’s office to get all needed paperwork or test results to their office for you.
• Since each specialists’ office handles referrals differently, we recommend that if you have not heard from their office about a scheduled appointment within 2 weeks, then you should contact our referrals department or call the specialist’s office directly.

How can I get a copy of my medical records?
We have a team of employees who devote their time to sending out and receiving patient medical records. To begin this process, patients first have to complete and submit a Medical Release Authorization form (can be found in the FORMS section of our website). Once this is received by our medical records department, they have up to 30 days to get the records copied and sent out as requested.

How should I prepare for a laboratory test?
There are many kinds of laboratory tests performed at CNY Family Care. The best thing for a patient to do is to check with the ordering provider PRIOR to the day of the test to discuss how they need to prepare themselves. Some tests require fasting, some do not. The provider can advise you in advance on what is required for your specific laboratory test. This can also be communicated to the nursing team through the Patient Portal if you are an established patient.

Who can I speak with about a complaint?
At CNY Family Care we are committed to excellence in patient care! We want to know about any issue(s) that you may encounter while being seen at our practice. You can always ask to speak with the manager of a specific department should you want to speak with someone right away. In addition, any complaints can be directed to Fred Letourneau, CEO. If you would like to speak with Fred directly, please call our main number and you will be connected to his office phone line.

In the same manner as complaints, at CNY Family Care we welcome compliments for any employees who have extended to you excellent patient care. Please share these experiences as well with our Management Team. If you prefer, you can write a letter and send it to the attention of our CEO at the practice address.

Does CNY Family Care offer interpreting services?
If you or a family member requires interpreting services, you need to notify our receptionist or nurse of this information when you schedule an appointment. This needs to be done prior to the day of the appointment. There is a local interpreting service that is used for many of our patients, but this service needs to be contacted and set up in advance of all appointments.

Also, if you cancel an appointment where an interpreter has already been scheduled, we need 48 hours notice to get the service cancelled for you.